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Balance in a crisis

Culture out of economics

Right now we are living through the greatest monetary crisis in the history of the world. The crashes of 1974, 2000, 2007-2008 and more that will follow are just the symptoms of a giant government bubble that  pushes whole nations into excessive debt and as a consequence into poverty. Some of us are lucky to prosper but many are not, so people seek a positive balancing force that can help them get through those tough times. Many find it in music.

Greatest bands are born in a crisis

It’s true that every decade has its own music but artists and bands that performed during 70’s and 80’s are still among the most recognized today. In recent years a new wave of artists emerged from somewhat chaotic social mass. An example below – Miss 600:

There are a lot of new bands out there, so what music did you discover recently?
Please tell :D

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