Investment strategy

I like being right, I usually am right and I don’t like to explain myself to or argue with people who think they know better. Since I’m also lazy I’ve decided to just give you my investment strategy without any lengthy justification. Take it or leave it.

Making money

If you don’t mind being (called) a speculator this is what you can do to make a lot of money in the coming years:

  1. buy gold (physical coins/bars,, various ETFs, RCGLDAOPEN on GPW in Poland)
  2. buy silver (physical coins/bars,, various ETFs, RCSILAOPEN on GPW in Poland)
  3. buy precious metals mining stocks (e.x. KGHM on GPW in Poland)
  4. buy agricultural commodities
  5. buy agriculture and agriculture related stocks (e.x. Astarta and Synthos on GPW in Poland)
  6. buy Thorium and Uranium mining stocks
  7. buy BTC (BitCoin) or invest in a BitCoin earning business
  8. buy stocks of companies investing in Africa
  9. few more speculative investments…

Losing money

Remember, don’t be a sucker, don’t lend money, hence avoid:

  1. long-term deposits
  2. all governments’ bonds of any duration
  3. junk commercial bonds
  4. commercial real estate
  5. options and futures if you don’t know how they work
  6. all instruments with very high leverage (> 5:1) as high volatility may easily wipe out your capital
Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser so you can’t treat this post as financial advice or recommendation of any sort. This post is just my opinion so you may use it at your own risk. However, I can say that I’ve already made money with this strategy and I continue to do so, so if you want to invest money in this strategy I can tell you details of what I know in exchange for 10% of net profits ;)

You can contact me at: bankowski {remove_this}[at> gmail<dot]com but I reserve myself the right to only deal with people I can meet in person.

You can ask me questions through comments and I’ll try to answer them in my spare time.

Take care and remember that money alone won’t make you happy… but they sure help.


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3 responses to “Investment strategy

  1. abc

    Could you explain why investing in commercial real estate is a mistake? High inflation is approaching, and real estate were always good way to preserve you ‘buying power’. If think it is better to buy one instead of flat, etc.

    What is more buying KGHM is quite risky as worldwide recession is comming, ale copper will eventually turn down heaviliy. What is more PM said that he want to introduce new tax for ming copper and silver…

    • As you’ve pointed out worldwide recession is coming, so commercial real estate won’t be a good investment. In the coming years people will spend less and less as most of their income will be consumed on food and energy, so there won’t be that much money going into discretionary spending. The economy will shrink so there will be less demand for commercial real estate.

      The trend is already visible in the west and it will come to Poland soon. Right now many developers are switching from residential housing to commercial real estate but it’s only prolonging the unavoidable bust.

      As to KGHM it’s true that there will be a downturn in the hard commodities sector but ask yourself, when do you want to buy stocks – while they are up or down? I prefer buying them cheap. Remember, every crisis is an opportunity.

      In the near future KGHM will likely be trending lower as mining costs and taxes go up and demand from China falls rapidly. Nonetheless this will be temporary. As you’ve correctly pointed out, big inflation is coming, so stocks will still go higher especially those that are linked to commodities.

      Before this bull market ends there will be one more, but a very significant, correction in stocks, commodities and even precious metals. It’s the private debt deflation that is the cause. After that governments and central banks will most likely print even more money to offset this trend and this is the big move to the upside I’m betting on.

  2. An excellent post. Investors of all shapes and sizes are now starting to understand that the only investment assets with any kind of future value are physical property assets like gold, silver, agricultural land and other tangible assets in high demand but with finitie supplies.

    Thank you!

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